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​The language of the Universe applied to professional achievement

Are you ready to transform your career or boost your business with synchronicity?

You know how important it is to be recognized and valued for your work, whether progressing in your career or expanding your business. But sometimes obstacles such as exhaustion, doubts and lack of purpose can challenge you on this path.

Synchronicities can help you overcome these challenges lightly and achieve true professional fulfillment. It was through this language that I found the courage to make my career transition and expand my area of activity.


Synchronicity is more than a simple coincidence. It is the symbolic language that connects us to the Universe, the invisible and our intuition. And, like other soft skills, it can be learned and developed!

Do you also want to discover the secrets of synchronicities and use them to your advantage? Then this journey is for you!

Why sync?

The structure of the program

Community Development

Participate in a supportive and learning environment, sharing experiences and knowledge with other professionals in search of synchronicities.

Transformative Connections

Receive personalized guidance and share achievements and challenges with the group.

Relevant Topics

Each month, delve deeper into the most relevant topics for the development of professional synchronicity, according to the needs of the community.

Access Flexibility

Meetings recorded for later review, providing flexibility and access to content even if you can't attend live.


The meetings

Each meeting will be divided into 2 parts:

  • Content: development of the month's theme, bringing relevant content, practical examples and exercises to identify and interpret synchronicities.

  • Hot Seat: live analysis of the present moment and relevant synchronicities of up to 3 participants, showing how to overcome challenges and bring lightness and professional expansion.

The meetings will be live and via the Zoom platform.

Amazing gifts!


Vocational Map

Get a Vocational Map reading for a more assertive interpretation of your synchronicities!


Exclusive Discounts

​By participating in the program you will have access to exclusive discounts on workshops and courses on synchronicities.


Support Group

WhatsApp group to share synchronicities and support interpretations.


  • Sincronia Profissional

    6 encontros
    Valid for 3 months

Sign up now and let synchronicities guide your path to professional fulfillment!

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