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Purchase Terms and Conditions

​Before making the payment, Please read all the terms below carefully. Completion of purchase confirms buyer's acknowledgment and agreement to the Purchase Terms.

This term was last updated on 04 May 2022.

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Service Provision

Online and live courses/events will be held through the app and/or platform described in the information for each course/event. It is up to the customer/student to ensure that they have the application/platform installed on their electronic device so that they can access and participate in the course/event. Information for access to the course/event will be sent up to 24 hours before its start.

The client/student will only be able to participate/carry out the course/event, even if they are registered, if there is no financial pending with the Company.

Payment of the registration/registration fee for each course/event must be made so that your place is confirmed and guaranteed.

If the course/event has a certificate, it will only be issued if the client/student has a minimum of 85% attendance of the total course/event workload.

If the registration/enrollment is made 72 hours or less before the start of the course/face-to-face event, the client/student may receive a provisional certificate and after the course he/she must request the definitive certificate from the Company.

Services made available as a bonus to clients/students such as study/practice groups, community, groups on platforms, websites and/or social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, WIX, etc.), access to recording classes, etc. have an indefinite term and may be canceled and/or suspended at any time by the Company. In this case, a communication will be sent to the client/student up to 72 hours before the interruption of the service/access.

By completing the purchase, you fully and unrestrictedly agree and accept theTerms of useandPrivacy Policy.

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Exchange Policy

The client/student may request the exchange of the acquired course/event, provided that it is for a new course/event of the same modality/technique (e.g. a ThetaHealing in-depth course for another ThetaHealing course) and with the same instructor/teacher/ master/speaker.

For online courses/events, the request must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the course/event, if live, or up to 24 hours after receiving access to the recorded content. For face-to-face courses/events, the request must be made at least 72 hours in advance.

The exchange will only be possible for another course/event that has greater or equal value to the one purchased. For face-to-face courses/events, the registration/enrollment fee for the new course must be paid for the exchange to take effect.

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Cancellation and Refund Policy

The Company reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course without prior notice if it does not reach the minimum limit of enrollment in the course.

If the course/event is canceled by the Company, the student will be fully refunded in the amount paid, within a maximum period of 7 working days. In this case, the Company is not responsible for

any expenses of a personal nature such as tickets and accommodation previously paid by the client/student.

Online and Live and/or In-person Courses/Events

In case of withdrawal by the client/student, he/she must send an email tocontato@dailaoliveira.comat least 72 hours before the start of the course/event, communicating the withdrawal. The student will be refunded 80% of the total course fee within 60 days. The registration/registration fee is non-refundable.

From 72 hours until the start of the course/event, any refund will be 50% of its value. The application/registration fee is non-refundable.

There are no refunds after the course/event has started.

Recorded Courses/Events Online

There is a 7-day guarantee period, guaranteed by the Company, to request cancellation of the purchase in case of any defect/inconsistency of the product.

The cancellation period informed above will take effect from the date of purchase. The customer/student is responsible for immediately verifying that access to the digital product purchased has been effective. In this sense, if there is any technical problem to access the purchased content, the cancellation period will be suspended until the problem is resolved, when it will resume where it left off.

The delivery time of the digital product may vary depending on the payment method, for example: Bank slip up to 72h, Credit Card up to 48h, Online Transfer up to 24h.

In case of refund, the buyer can be refunded via bank transfer or credit card refund, depending on the payment method used at the time of purchase.

Refunds can take up to 30 days for a bank transfer and 30 to 60 days for a credit card chargeback.

Financial and administrative fees and fees that have already been incurred may be deducted from the refund amount.

If the purchase of the course/event has been paid in installments, failure to pay any installment will result in blocking access to the purchased course/event.

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Contact Details

For purchase issues and questions, such as payment options, product access, exchange, returns, refunds and general support, please send an email

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Payment methods

Payment can be made according to the methods available on the site and informed at the time of purchase, such as credit card (via PayPal), bank slip or Pix. The courses/events can be split according to the criteria of each one, described at the time of registration.

If you need another payment method, the client/student can contact us by e-mail.contato@dailaoliveira.comstating the reason for your request. This will be analyzed by the Company, which reserves the right to deny the request without justification.

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This Purchase Agreement is valid from 04 de May 2021 with indefinite validity.

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