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Lucky. Fortunate.

When you've been running around on so many roads, to stop is really good.
Only following your heart, only stopping will give you peace.

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About me

I've always been the straight-laced transgressor. Straight-laced because I respected my superiors, followed the basic rules and guaranteed the results. I was always polite and kind. Transgressor because I did it differently, thought differently and rebelled peacefully. I saw no sense in what was considered normal and believed in love and peace above anything.

I've never fit into family and social standards. And it wasn't for lack of trying. But no matter what I did, my essence was naturally different and my way of thinking could not even understand the existing rules.

Today I not only accepted my difference, but also understood that it is part of my talents and what I choose as a life path. To be different is to be authentic, and having the courage to express our authenticity is what anchors our dreams in this world.

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My Journey

I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte / MG - Brazil. On a day-to-day basis, I lived a life according to the costumes of the traditional Minas Gerais family: I studied in a Catholic school, got good grades, complemented the traditional studies with an English school, swimming and dancing. Once a month and a good part of my vacation I went to the countryside to visit relatives and eat all the delicacies I was entitled to. I played in the street and always went to the  ice cream shop in the church square.

But at the age of 11 I had the privilege of going further and participating in an NGO called CISV. It was a solution that was presented to my parents to solve a shyness issue and that transformed my life. I traveled to different countries and met people from many cultures and religions. I developed leadership, emotional intelligence and facilitation.

I graduated in International Relations and Law, as I wanted to bring respect for cultures and peace to politics. But frustrations with Brazilian public institutions led me to a career in the private sector as a risk management consultant. I was passionate about what I did and I excelled at corporate, fulfilling all my personal goals and becoming a manager at the multinational I worked for.

That's when spirituality and self-knowledge entered my life. I completely fell in love with the knowledge and transformations I could experience. Keeping it to myself was no longer an option, so I decided to completely change careers to dedicate myself to sharing and helping other people to connect, express and fulfill their most authentic dreams in their life purpose.

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Between the lines

Our soul is always leaving clues of our essence along the way:

  • My mother was born in a city called "Light"; and my father in "New Age". I revel in the notion that I am a "Light Daughter of the New Age";

  • I studied all my life in the same school. It was from the Daughters of Jesus Congregation, created by Saint Candida who said "The world is too small for my desires";​

  • I built my career in the corporate world at Deloitte. Its purpose was to promote positive impacts, being defined  by the phrase "To make an impact that matters";

  • I always thought my brother was the lucky one of the two of us - he was literally born with his ass facing the moon. Until I've received my new name, my sannyas, and understand how lucky it is to have the courage to follow one's heart. And that's for the few. Only for the lucky ones.

Even though this information was always available, understanding the depth and connection with my essence only happened after I had the courage to recognize and assume my authenticity.

And you? Have you noticed the messages your soul left on your way?

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Courses and Experiences

For those who, like me, love to learn new things and delve deeper into what they are passionate about. More than a list, each item below is a connection portal.


Where (almost) it all started. An NGO that taught me what respect is. That connected me with love above all else. That showed me that I was not alone. And I also developed the ability to facilitate and lead, which were (and are) fundamental in adult life.

International Relations

It was my first degree, but the relationships between nations, cultures and, above all, people continue to be an object of study. My biggest dream is world peace and peace is only possible if we understand how we relate and make decisions.


Few things take away our peace like the feeling of injustice. It was seeking to bring peace to people, whether they are victims or aggressors, that I chose to also study law. I now understand that I am also passionate about understanding laws, systems and processes.

Risks and Controls

Although I loved both degrees, when I graduated I built my career in business in the corporate world. Mapping business processes, identifying what could go wrong, creating solutions, writing internal policies e evaluating whether they were being fulfilled were just some of the many activities I performed and managed for 7 years.


Astrology, along with the Law of Time, is one of my main sources of self-knowledge. Understanding how the stars influence me allows me to live the journey more lightly and integrate learning more easily. I am not and do not claim to be an astrologer, but I study astrology whenever I can to better understand myself.

Reiki & Karuna

Reiki was the first technique I learned in my quest for self-knowledge and energy healing, in 2017. It is one of the simplest and easiest techniques to use on a daily basis. Today I am a Reiki (Usui and Tibetan) and Karuna (another Reiki frequency) master.


The Tarot is the oldest sacred book on record. Much more than a tool for reading the probable future, the Tarot provides an in-depth study of yourself and your evolutionary journey.


The greater the amount of information and knowledge we acquire, the greater the need to empty the mind and return to the present moment. Meditation is essential for maintaining balance and inner peace.

Law of Time

Working with the Law of Time comes almost as naturally to me as breathing. After meeting the 13 Moon Calendar and my Kin in 2018, I incorporated this knowledge  in such a way that everything I live and do is connected with this wisdom.


My great spiritual awakening took place in a contact with Merkabah guardians, in 2018. Since then I have delved into the subject in several schools. Two of the most important courses were Drunvalo Melquizedeck's Awakening the Illuminated Heart and Claudia Andrade's Merkabah training (in progress - currently at level IV).


In 2018 I took my first ThetaHealing practitioner course, Basic DNA. I fell in love with the technique and today not only did I take 20 courses as a practitioner, but I am also an instructor of 11 of these courses. It is the practical and theoretical basis of everything I do.


Ancestral wisdom aligned with scientific knowledge is one of the things that fascinates me the most. The study of Shamanism and, mainly, of Neoshamanism, provides the alignment between the past, the present and the future from the connection with nature and symbols.

Multidimensional Therapy

One of the simplest and most connected energy work techniques with our heart. I got to know the technique at the beginning of 2019, but as everything has its time, I only took the course to be a therapist at the end of 2020.

Arcturian Multidimensional Healing System

My first contact with the Arcturians took place in 2018, when I had the opportunity to visit one of their libraries. Being a therapist and master, since 2020, of one of their healing systems on this planet is an honor and a mission.

Aurora Healing

A technique that I had the honor and pleasure to see born. Seeing the auroras has always been a dream. To be able to feel and work with this energy anywhere in the world is to connect directly with my heart to help everyone around me.

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