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An intuitive coaching process of connection, expression and manifestation of your life project.

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Who is ANCORAR for?

You've achieved career and financial goals, but you don't feel fulfilled.

You feel you have a greater purpose, but you don't know what or where to start.

You believe in the divine and has witnessed miracles in your own life.

You take responsibility for your own life and know how to prioritize yourself.

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Therapies help in understanding and emotional and energetic expansion.
Coaching programs show ways and practices to achieve goals.
ANCORAR is a process that joins both paths: intuition and practices to a real transformation.



The desire that comes from the heart

  • Know the kind of experience your soul wants to have.

  • Learn to connect with your heart.

  • Recognize that you can be and dream more.

  • Identify your uniqueness and authenticity.​


The courage to be and to act

  • Reconnect with your talents and own your personal power.

  • Mark your presence and express what you are.

  • Achieve freedom by exercising discipline.

  • Find the courage to overcome your fears.

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Image by Eléonore Kemmel


Love as a way

  • Learn to love and heal yourself.

  • Understand the true meaning of pause and allow yourself to surrender, trust and receive.

  • Synchronicities: recognize the language of the Universe.

  • Enhance your project by putting yourself at the service of love.


The soul's expression

  • Overcome the fear of judgment; of others and of yourself.

  • Recognize and express your truth.

  • Learn to manage your vibration, not your time.

  • Activate the power of vision: listen to intuition and have clarity of the result of your actions.

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The manifestation of your dream

  • Recognize your worth and feel worthy.

  • Connect with abundance and freedom.

  • Understand the cyclic nature of all that exists.

  • Live your life project.

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22 weekly meetings

Live and online, 1 hour each

10 meetings of pure content!

A perfect combination of theory, meditation and practical exercises

10 follow-up meetings

Time to resolve your doubts and release blockages

1 alignment meeting

A pause to assess the path and reaffirm commitments

1 closing meeting

To celebrate the journey and all that was anchored along the way

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It's all very different! With me, with my daughter. Lots of job opportunities popping up. I'm feeling super in harmony with the time, organizing all the tasks. And loving taking care of my daughter, without any weight. Gratitude!

I had been working with this theme for a year now, but the icing of the cake came with your help. To believe that I am capable and can help people with my own story. And how talking about money is so natural and exciting to me! Thanks for helping me and my journey!

Giane Faccin

Clara Ferreira

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I want to ANCORAR

Did you feel the call? 
After submitting the form, I will contact you to arrange a 30-minute meeting to clarify doubts, align expectations and present values for this journey of anchoring your life project.

Message submited! I'll contact you soon.

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