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Productivity and Self-knowledge Are Journeys.

  • When you look for productivity tools, you are usually looking for an external solution to solve an internal issue. You want a magic formula to end your procrastination or to get a lot more done in a single day.

  • But if you don't know WHY you're procrastinating, you can apply every possible and imaginable technique that your mind will still find a way to procrastinate.

  • And if you don't understand how your ENERGY flows throughout the day, you will continue to include more activities than you can perform and often reach the end of the day without even completing what was a priority.

  • Methodologies and productivity tools are essential. But they should not be the end of the journey. It's not the tools that make you more productive. What they do is help you get to know yourself better.

  • Knowing yourself, you ADAP the tool to your reality and need. With self-knowledge, productivity is no longer an end and becomes your NATURAL expression.

There is no magic formula.

Both productivity and self-knowledge are a journey. Both walk side by side. The more you know yourself, the more productive you can be. The more you study your productivity, the more self-awareness you have.

And like every journey, it will have its ups and downs. In some moments everything will flow: you will be able to follow your routine, meet your daily goals and you will have high performance. But one day you wake up and nothing goes as planned. Not even that habit you've been doing daily for 45 days you will be able to keep.

Don't blame yourself in those moments. You are not always the same and you are not in control of everything. Learn to let go, rest, and reassess. To be flexible and change the route when necessary.

You are always changing and evolving. The journeys of self-knowledge and productivity will accompany you throughout your life. Learn to enjoy the way

With Love,

Talea ❤

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