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The Hand That Guides the Way

I was happy. I felt fulfilled.

Until one day I started to feel a sense of emptiness. Something was missing. But what?

I had a great job and loved what I did, I had a boyfriend who was also my best friend, my relationship with my family was at one of its best, I saw friends often, I exercised, and I was in excellent health. What was missing?

If it was missing, it's because one day I already had it, because we only miss what we know. That's when I realized that there was an area of my life that was neglected: spirituality. I was never a deeply religious person, but I always participated in activities that made me feel connected to Love. That was the first moment of my awakening.

At this point I just wanted to reconnect with God. But the more I sought God externally, the more the journey took me inward. Until one day I found myself drowning in an ocean of existential questions: who am I? Why do I exist? What is my purpose and my mission?

Everything was as before, everything was perfect, but I was no longer the same. There was an inner voice that told me that was no longer my place. Everything was collapsing internally, yet externally everything remained the same, and I had no idea of my next steps.

That's when I met a self-knowledge coach. I was sure that this was what I needed at that moment and that she was the one who would help me. But cautiously, before hiring the coaching program, we held a virtual meeting for her to explain to me how the journey was.

I clearly remember when she asked why I was looking for a self-knowledge coaching program. Until that moment I hadn't had the courage to voice the reason. I was afraid to admit what I was feeling.

So, with my voice shaky and full of emotion, I replied that I felt I should be doing something that was much bigger than what I was doing at that moment. That I knew I had a mission, but I had no idea what it was.

This is how the awakening to self-knowledge happens: an inner voice telling us that there is something bigger that we should be doing. That we have a mission and that the time has come to fulfill it.

Most people ignore this voice. Until one day they have an illness, are fired, or go through a burnout, needing pain and suffering to evolve. Few others, as was my case, choose to listen to this voice and seek answers.

In this self-knowledge program, I accepted that my path was different and that I needed to abandon the goal of becoming a partner in the company I worked for. I connected with my soul and understood that I would help other people connect with their own mission.

Today I have invested more than $25,000 in coaching programs. I invested even more in courses and workshops. And I plan to keep increasingly invest. I am immensely grateful to each of the mentors and teachers who have passed through my life. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. And I feel very honored to be able to guide others, as many have guided me along the way.

With love,

Talea ❤

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