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The Soul's Calling

“When you reach the end of your life and are wondering whether it’s all been worthwhile, you’ll be measuring whether you did everything you possibly could with the gifts you’ve been given.”

- Gay Hendricks

You have a gift.

You were born with your gift.

You have many gifts.

It's the combination of your gifts that make you unique.

You have a message.

It’s the unique expression of who you are in service to the world.

Do you know what your message is? Do you know what your gifts are?

If today was your last day of life, would you feel fulfilled?

These were the reflections that led me to a career change. I knew I had a message and that I wasn't doing all I could with the gifts I'd been given. I knew I wouldn't feel fully fulfilled if I didn't do everything I could to develop myself. I knew it would all be worth it.

You don't need to change careers to develop your talents and fulfill your mission. There are countless ways for you to express your gifts in the world and it's up to you to choose the best way.

But if you've heard that inner voice calling your attention,

If you've ever felt that you can create a lot more impact,

Know that this voice will never be silent.

It’s your soul speaking to you, and it’s your responsibility to respond to that call.

With love,

Talea 🤎

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